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HP DL360e G8 GPU?


Hey guys! I am eyeing a DL360e G8 for a Plex server. I specifically want to use an NVIDIA Quadro P2000 for hardware transcoding.

Does anyone have experience with GPUs in this server?

Will it run noisy because of the non-HP card?

If I get an HP P2000 for ~100GBP more, will it run more quiet or will there be no difference? I mean, do HP PCIE cards make a difference for fan speed regardless of generation and official support?

Many thanks!



I have a dl360e g8 in the data center and it’s a loud server without any GPU.

Not as bad as an older poweredge but still not something I’d want at home.

Each generation seems quieter, the newest G10 I’ve racked are almost silent once they get past post.



I am not sure if the GPU will have an impact on the fan speed. It will be really loud on high load/ temp but they are relatively “quiet” under normal usage, well in a data center anyway. I am not sure if I would consider it quiet for home use, maybe if tucked away in a basement :man_shrugging:

I did have experience with a DL360 that was loud from the moment it passed the hardware initialization phase. The fans seemed to be stuck at 100%! That was remedied with a firmware upgrade via the HP SPP but I can’t recall if it was G8 or G9.