Hp compaq pro 6300 microtower upgrade

i have a hp compaq pro 6300 microtower and i want to put a graphic cards in a gtx 750 that doesn't require power conector will it work with this graphic card https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-video-card-n7502gd5oc sorry for my bad english i don't speak or write in english often
info of the computer
i5 3470
btx motherboard
320w psu
4gb ram
500go hdd

Should be fine. Don't expect to overclock it much, though.

320W is relatively low power, consider upgrading it whenever you've got the money. It's not urgent, though


Perfect upgrade for that PC. As low end as that PSU is, it will handle a 750 just fine.

Strange configuration.

that what came in the pc