HP 2311x

I had the Samsung S22C300H monitor before I got this monitor and it was working fine. I connected the pc via VGA and my ps3 via HDMI and i had a splitter which i used on my speakers to use on pc and ps3. It was complicated but it worked... i have a similar setup now but i replaced that with an HP 2311x which I got for free from someone for helping them setup their new computer. The HDMI port just doesn't work and I tried the different solutions which just doesn't work and it seems to be the firmware which is the problem here. The only 2 things I can think of is to either open it up and attempt to fix it myself by either replacing the insides or changing the firmware OR throw it out (or sell it) but i like the slight bump up in size and the extra DVI port but miss the ability to switch ports. What should i do?