HOWTO: Adopting and Patching Ubiquiti UniFi 8-Port PoE Level 2 Switch for SPECTRE and Meltdown

Hi all -

Caveat and shock though - Ubiquiti have yet to release a patch that patches Spectre/Meltdown given the Level 2 150W (and potentially other higher end Switches) run an ARMv7 CPU.

I’ve been told that since switches are rarely ‘outside’ a secured network, the priority it slow but hmm… that still has me tad paranoid.

Thankfully, my EdgeRouter-X (ER-X) is a MIPS based device and from what I’ve read these are OK?

Enjoy the video…

Unless people can remotely log in to your ubiquity devices, they’re safe.

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Nah, 100% locked down. Also got VLANs and firewalls setup.