How's this for a upgrade from a Q9300 core 2 quad?

Title says all and heres my specs for the upgrades I'm doing next month and later on in the summer.

1. Asus 990x R2.0 motherboard AMD

2. AMD 8120 8 core cpu cooled by a Corsair h60 

3. 8gb ram ddr3 corsair Vengeance kit 

4. Artic Silver 5 thermal paste 

I already have most of the parts I need for the upgrade I have a cosmos 1000 case, Corsair h60, corsair 650tx psu, WD 1tb HD, and a Asus Radeon 7770ghz card thx for the input fellas. Just double checking here since $490 is like my max budget for next month.

dont get the 8120 bulldozer. get the 8320 vishera proccessor. vishera is quite a bit faster then the bulldozer series. maybe even the 8350 if it fits in your budget

I agree, squeeze an 8320 in there, not an 8120. Also, if you have $490 to spend, here is what I would recommend you get:

1. AMD FX-8350

2. Any 990FX board of your choice, they're all fairly cheapish for such high end boards. I think the most expensive one I've seen is $230 and that's for a Crosshair V Formula-Z from ASUS. If you want to save some money, the BEST value 990FX board is definitely the GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3.
3. The Same RAM you already have selected is an awesome choice.

Altogether (if you get the gigabyte UD3 board): $390-$400, give or take some, depending on where you buy the parts from. 

ahh ok thx guys :) 

If this helpsi was running a q9450 and a gtx 460 se, i upgraded  to an 8150,sabertooth 990fx,and 8gb of ddr3 1600mhz, and i reused the 460 for a while and my fps doubled in some games.