How's This For A Gaming/Work Rig?

Thanks to a few forum members, I've put together a build that I can play games, record clips, and do some light productivity on. Here's the list:

To put things into perspective, click here to see a post I made earlier.

If you have any question/suggestions, leave a comment and I'll respond when I see it. Thanks for reading :)

looks pretty good. id get a cheap 16gb set of ram if you can manage it. something like one of these would be fine.

even if you have to postpone that blu ray drive or get a less beefy psu to do so i think it would be worth it.

I can postpone the BR drive for more RAM, but I'd like to go ahead and get the PSU I picked so I've got enough power for another 280 or a 290x in the future.

definitely a solid build.

if you want a more silence oriented case, the define mini is a good option.


I'm more concerned about airflow, but that is a nice case for the money.

Build looks good although Id be tempted to go for a 1230v3 xeon then you can drop the mb and cooling down. - xeon, big ssd.

Yeah you wont be able to do xfire with the board but its always better to grab a strong single gpu over multi setups. Done it a few times now, hate it, never again. Plus the heat you'd generate with 2 cards in a small case will be pretty bad. My 2c.

Fair enough. If I stick with AMD, I may upgrade to the 8gb version of the 290x. I'm waiting for more reviews to pop up before I add it to my wishlist.

I'm pretty sure the 8GB version of the R9 290X is overkill for 90% of people.

You are definitely wasting money on expensive RAM and a completely overpriced PSU.

This is going to save you 100 otherwise wasted dollars. I also changed the SSD from 840 to 850 EVO since it's newer, better and cheaper.

Nice :) I'll need the 750 in case I get a 290x in the future, but I appreciate the input.

True, but I'm still going to wait for more reviews to pop up just in case. Otherwise, I'll grab the 4gb version.

You'll need the 750 if you get TWO 290X in the future, otherwise not.

Actually, if you go with 2 R9 290Xs, I'd highly recommend going all the way to 850w.