How's this budget Gaming PC build?

I'm trying to learn how PC builds work, and how I can get the best performance for the money. As anyone would want, I'd like to keep the price as low as possible for the best performance as possible.

  • Budget: ~$600 before rebate.
  • Currency: USD$
  • Peripherals: I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, all of the necessities.
  • Reason for Building: Playing games and editing videos.
  • Overclocking: No.
  • Watercooling: Until I start getting into multi-thousand dollar builds, probably not.
  • OS: I already have a copy of Windows 7
  • Preferred FPS: 45-60
  • Preferred Resolution: 1080p
  • Type of Game: Modern games
  • Rendering Application: Camtasia
  • Rendering Type: Movies

Here's a list on PCPartPicker of the build I have so far:

I mainly just need help with making sure it's good for what it's intended for, and how to know how well it works.

I'd step up to an FX-6300, ditch the cooler, and swap out the SSD for a large capacity hybrid drive (you're probably going to need storage for both games and video editing). Stock cooling is adequate for running stock clocks in a moderate thermal environment. After-market cooling is ultimately a luxary, and doesn't contribute much to performance, especially on low-end mobo's, where VRM temps are more likely to limit Turbo vs CPU temps.

So, including shipping, before rebates, your build was $601.75, plus whatever OutletPC would've charged for shipping, which would probably be around $7.

This build, which is more better (FX6300>FX4300, R9 270 blows 750-ti out the water), is also cheaper if you factor in shipping, which is free across the board, and comes out to $601.14 as of this writing. Also, less stores, from 5 to 3, which means 2 less times you have to input your credit card info, and for two of those, you probably already have an account for, which could you only have to input your info once, at least that is the case for me since I don't have an account for MWave yet.

No point going with AM3+ if you're getting something like a FX-4300.

This  build will give you an 8 core, 1866 (8gb) RAM, and an R9-280 but it takes a bit hit everywhere else.  unless raw power at the expense of everything else, go with STN'sbuild it is nicely rounded.

You can also do a fm2 platform using 760k with a 4.5ghz oc.

May want to check out my 760k school build. It's price point is $700. 

R7 270x , 1tb hd, and 4g ram will lower it around a $600 price point.


If you're planning on doing professional editing may want a large budget. For high end cpu and extra hds.

You will run most games at 1080p with 0 issues. When you have $40 extra to spear add another 4g of ram. 8 is the sweet spot.

I'd hate to be devil's advocate here, but the OP also stated he wanted to video edit, and did NOT want to OC. With the lack of L3 cache, which really hurts performance a lot in modern games, and only 4 relatively weak cores for encoding, I believe the Athlon, or any FM socket CPU to be ill-suited for the OP's need. Don't get me wrong, the Athlon is an amazing deal for the budget gamer, but even heavily OC'd, the Athlon can't match the stock performance of the FX-6300 in gaming, and the FX will eat the Athlon alive in editing.

Agreed hints "may want to wait for a larger budget"


You're not going to build a fx platform for $600 in less you have a $80 gpu.

Much less at lga 1150 I5 platform

Btw 45-60 fps using a r7 260 won't do.


Best bet is go all out on editing and live with 720p gaming.

My proposed build not only has an FX6300, but also an R9 270, which is basically a 7870. That should plenty for 1080p gaming at 45 - 60FPS, at least on high details.