Hows the temp of my pc?

WITH LOAD ! -----





its winter now i dont know what it would do in summer


are the tempratures ok  ? 

How are you putting this under load. Those temperature changes are so small it's not funny.

But these temperatures are completely fine. They're absolutely brilliant.

I'm in Australia, it's summer here and my CPU is idling on 39 because it's about 27 in my room.

21 c right now in my room :) 

and with load i meant i was playing game on 1080p 

by the way i live in india 

it gets like desert here in summer

so my friends said my pc wont survive without running air conditiner in my room :( 

and its my first amd pc so i am worried no one buys amd here cause it heats up like sh!t

prime 95 the bugger then report back

If those are your temps at load, then you are fine. Better than fine - you are perfect! Your CPU is designed to go up to 100C (but you don't want it up there), so even in the summer, you should have no heating problems.

Playing a game is no indication of temperatures under load.

Use Prime95. Google it and some guides on it perhaps.

But really your CPU should be okay up to about 90-100 degrees. Even in india you should be not too bad in summer. It gets to about 45 here.

well i downloaded it i dont know how to ues it bamn -.-

watching this


will get to u when i am done with the test 

That guide is probably telling you to do it for hours on end, because that's for stress testing, if you just want to see what kind of temperatures it will reach you probably only need to run it for about 20 minutes to get a decent idea.

4 cycles of prime 95 will take you to your max temp. which takes 15-20 mins depending on the cpu.

as for the temps you have posted they are off. there about 5'c down on what they should be at both idle and load. which could be accounted for by high cfm on the fans. drop your fan speeds a bit and run it quieter if you need to as your well within tdp.