Hows the 7750 for a budget gaming system?

Im looking for a good card for a budget build and im wondering if i should use the 7750 or the 650Ti?


Samuroot 1987

Neither are going to be stellar cards, but the 650ti is going to be better in 99 percent of situations. (source)

you can't compare 7750 and GTX650Ti, if you want a 2Gb video card from Nvidia the cheapest on newegg is Zotac GTX650ti 2gb 165$ or you can get HIS Radeon HD 7850 2Gb for 180$

7850 is stronger and you have a better value for money :)


100 possably


Where are you from? For just 110$ you can get a 7770 from HIS if you are from USA:


If you plan to spend just 100$ you can get 7750, if you can spend a bit more you can get a 7770 and if you can spend 180 you can get a 2gb Radeon HD 7850...

It all depends on you how much you want to spend. hows this?

Thats a waste of money rather get a 7850 and you get for free Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite so you basicaly save 100$ on games you know... So get it...

This 7850 is on discount, 180$ and not 200$... Its a great deal, get it!

+1 for the 7850; fantastic card! How is this build?

it's a good build, but you should really listen to the other people who are saying that the 7850 would be better, and it's the same price. Trust me I used to have a huge hard on for nvidia(bought a 660ti) but ever since amd's never settle drivers they have been spanking nvidia by quite a bit, the 7850 is like one fully bracket over the 650ti, the 7850 is usually compared to the 660.  So if you get the 650ti you will be spending less and getting less. Just get the 7850 and be happy :) . i'm NOT SURE if you're canadian but you can get a 7850 for 159$ after a mail in rebate, so you would actually save money going for the 7850 and be getting alot more performance :) . OOps this is the american version of the deal and it's ever cheaper :)(149$ after mail in rebate.)