How's my friends first High end build?

Well I already have a gaming PC but as the title painfully obviously mentions this is quite a high end gaming build for my friend who is an insane maniac and has some pocket cash to spend.  He wants to do some high end gaming on max settings.  We won't really be overclocking.  Plus he likes fancy aesthetics so a cool case is recommend.  And it has to be somewhat quite. This is what I have so far.  Prices are actually different when they are in the cart.  

Thanks TekSyndicate. 


Looks solid.  Although, I would grab two HD 7970s instead of a 7990.  You'll save about $100, get a bit better performance, and get 6 free games.

Try this; I tweaked a few things...

Also, with the case I selected, there's no need for additional case fans.  The 200mm fans that come with it will provide plenty of airflow.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Pretty solid. But as said, ditch the 7990. I would advice your friend to start off with one 7970 and if he really needs to, add a second. Or just wait till mid october and go for 9970. Also, the PSU... I don't know, I think there's better for that price. Also only bronze efficiency? With those load numbers every percent of efficiency counts. 84% or 92% on lets say 550 watt could net you almost 50 watt less power consumption under load.