How's my first rig so far?

Yesterday for my birthday I was lucky enough to get a 5820k. About two months ago I purchased an X99-A with every penny I've saved up over the years. These are the parts I already own:

i7 5820k
msi GTX 650 Ti
A 2tb and 500gb drive
Corsair CX 650m
Cooler Master Nepton 140xl

The parts I need :
A case
Preferably 8gb 2400mhz

I have $60 right now and make $20-40 a month for computer parts. What RAM and case would I be able to get and fit all of my components in for under $120-150?

If it's just for gaming at 1080p, that CPU is complete overkill. Not to mention the huge imbalance between that old GPU, and that brand spanking new, ridiculous CPU.

It's not overkill for what I do. I do game, but no, it us not just for gaming. Money for me is hard to come by, and I just had the 650 lying around. I'm legally blind so what good would some high end GPU do me? I was planning to jump on a 290 when it drops below $150 but for now u would think it more than sufficient for Fallout and lightly modified Skyrim. Oh, I will be on 1080p untill I can get a 21:9 monitor.

Oh, it's fine then. I did say "if it's just for gaming". Always best to state what you use it for.

If you do not mind using newegg. Get the emails from them and check [shellshocker][1] (link).

For an inexpensive case, take a look at the 3rd gen Rosewill challenger. I currently use the 2nd gen, other then no place to route the cpu cable its a good budget case.

Avexir core blue LED.

Know of any cases around that price that will fit a 140mm radiator? I like the Challenger So but it only supports a 120mm.

Sadly no, my pc is on air.

But, you can filter out what you need from newegg. On the left you can filter what you need and price range.