How's my Build Going to Be (for gaming and some rendering)?

Hi guys, I recently got many suggestions for a PC build, and I went with the best one (according to most people here). The link is right here ------> . Personally, I want to go Intel, so if anyone could make any better Intel based options with the same other components (except the motherboard, of course), without jacking the price up too much, that would be SO awesome :). THANKS in advance :D.

Looks like a great build.  I wouldn't go Intel unless you had over 1k, not including windows or any peripherals.

The FX-8320 will be quite fast compared to the i5 in rendering.  For gaming, the FX-8320 may match or perform slightly less than an i5.  However, the framerates on most games will be over 60fps; which is pretty good already.

Thanks SO much dude, you're really helpful here in the forum. I have one final question; will this thing get better performance than my family (new) iMac (8gb ram, 2.7 GHz intel i5 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 640M [512 MB]). Those are the basic specs, be honest, do you think/know it will :D?

Yes it is a much more powerful computer and after you overclock it will be even better.

Hey man If you are going to be rendering you should grab at least 16gb of ram, it'll help a lot.

Not the greatest build for gaming, but yes it should indeed perform better.

What could I do to make it a more solid gaming build? Or are you talking about the mac not being a good gaming build? But yeah, would there be any parts could I upgrade to get a better gaming performance if it's not a very good gaming build :P. Thanks :D

Thanks, I'll definitely do that in the future :D

I was talking about the mac build.  It'll be fine for flash games and web browsing and stuff like that.

As for your gaming build, it looks fine as is.

I'll just reconfirm it's a great build especially for gaming and rendering... the mac will suck at gaming comparably (yano, besides the fact there's a limited game supply on mac to begin with) the GPU is light years behind the 770...happy gaming sir

Oh :). Thank you SO much for all your help.

Thank you for your input :D. Yeah, it's so funny how much apple charges for their stuff >_<. Like really, the mac cost much more than the build i'm making XD.

Yea, the only thing I'd even consider recommending mac for is a laptop... which you shouldn't be gaming on anyways...