Hows it look

i3-3225 (3.5 Ghz)

8gb g skill sniper (1600 mhz)

Asus P8B75-V

NZXT h230

corsair cx 600

WD caviar blue 1TB

Please note i plan to upgrade to an i5 in the future

my gpu options are R9 270x (comes with free copy of battlefield 4)

or HD 7870 (there prices have dropped significantly lately, but comes with no games)

I would go with the amd 8320 or 6350 in that price range. You'd pay a little more or less depending on which one you choose and it would speed things up a lot.

Yeah change that cpu - a cheap 6300 and midrange am3 board will allow you to get a better gpu - 7970/280x etc.

i the only problem i have with the amd options is that i would need a aftermarket cooler if i overclocked which immediatly drives the price past its bang for the buck point. and i would need a decent motherboard so it can handle the overclock