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@Logan I think you said you never played WoW. But if you did during WotLK, I got a feeling this was your favorite zone.

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What is durhing? Anyway I can say that I played during World of the Lich King and I am tempted to play again and recently tried a 30 day go at it but I recognize that if I play it will take up too much time and stop any chance I have of making my life better. Now in regards to music related to World of the Lich King this is all I can think of I terms of music. I love this. ....

fixed it ya' ass :P

Yea, still probably my favorite Blizz cinematic. Out of all their games, not just WoW. The Arthas storyline is just so iconic, it really could stand alone as an awesome story completely separate from WoW's over all lore. I hope they kind of do that with the next movies, if they do the next movies.


God this game looks dated as hell...
And that movie wasn't doing the franchise any favors...what a trainwreck...

Still, I admire it's resilience. Personally; I really only played the Warcraft games...never got into the "World of", and granted, that was a long, long time ago. I suck at RTS games and quickly realized that leaving Starcraft and Warcraft behind. Regardless, WoW is something that has fascinated me as it's such an anomally in the MMO scene. Grandfathered into a dying monetazation plan, Grandfathered into dated and now hated MMO tropes, Grandfathered into so many things that - were it any other MMO, it would be hated.

Sorry this whole post was somewhat unrelated...I can't listen to the music because China hates information. But I felt compelled to leave a response anyways.

Well... it is dated. Wrath came out in 2008. That's pretty old. The newer expansions look marginally better every time they release.

Yes, but there are games that came out well before it that wear their age quite a bit better.

The new models added with the 7.0 pre-patch look quite good*. I think it's more a thing of the graphical style. That said....on the highest settings now it looks really good.....but it turns into a dia-show with my GPU :/

*you can't compare it to games like The Witcher 3 or other new titles, though. After all, it's an MMO. Making it only playable for people with modern/mid-range PCs would cut out a lot of the (potential) player base.

If you like the the lore surrounding Arthas I would recommend reading the book by Christie Golden "Arthas". I only read 3 so far (Cataclysm and Stormrage), but among them I liked this one the most (also because I was more familiar with the characters and it made me feel quite nostalgic, having played Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne a lot back in the day.

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