How'd I do for $270?

I am in the middle of a build similar to the build Logan just uploaded to youtube, some of the parts i have are from my uncle and some from ebay but who cares its a decent build for a very decent price (i think at least) until i can get a high end build going.

  • Phenom II x4 965 BE - $75 ebay (used but i don't care)
  • MSI 970a-g46 atx am3 mobo - $79
  •  EVGA Gtx 470 - $100 ebay
  • 4gig ram from my uncle but i'm going to get some 2133 in the future(it should work with this mobo right? if not i'll just do 1866)
  • 680w psu from uncle
  • 500gb hd from old computer
  • nzxt source 210 white w/ black trim -29.99

I also got 10% off the mobo/case w/ a promocode from newegg so total it was around $270 maybe $275 w/ the thermal paste i bought
For what i paid i think this is a great starter build and am excited to put it together this weekend. What do you guys think?

I think you have some fun ahead of you. Enjoy.

Your comment excites me, your picture makes me worry wether you are sincere or not. I shouldn't feel this conflicted.

That's damn good for the price, I don't think 2133 would be worth it though, it's kinda overkill. Enjoy the build though man, I like it.

Thanks guys, I was worried mostly because this is my first build and i picked all the parts myself and i was happy with the price. 

A 965 and a 470, very nice. Get 8GB ram and you're pretty much sorted

That's sick man.

That’s kind of funny as I never thought of my avatar doing that. Sincerely I think you have a nice build planned and I hope you have fun building and using your new system. All the best.