How you can get started in programing

I am a 15 year old average boy with below average school grades, BUT! I have always had a passion for games and computers along with a couple other things, but thats not important. So when i was 12 i started learning HTML, found that at the time it was not for me, so i started animation. Recently i started to learn how to code again. I started HTML and CSS and found it was very easy, i then started JavaScript and that is what i am now doing. I am able to do this with ease because of a Website called Code Academy, This website is backed by such people as Gabe nule (Co-founder of Valve) Mark Zuckerberg (Creater of Facebook) And many others. On the site they take you step by step through how to learn the desiered code, they have a Code editor that has a live updating side window. On the site you can learn HTML/CSS, Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP and Python. Im sure you are thinking 'No C++/C# cant be that good' but there are Custom lessons made by Coders them selfs.


This is a great way to learn it and the hole point of the site being set up was not to, Make a profit, or Make you do other peoples work. The reason it was set up was for the people of my geniration, This is because by the time we leave school and are looking to work, there will be over 1,000,000 jobs in computer programing that are not filled.

I hope you can learn to your hearts content :)

Start with the looking for the search function, this question get asked a couple of times a week.

I was telling people how they can get started... Maybe if you read the post you would see that.

How could you spell poor Gaben's name wrong? :(

Code academy is a pretty neat site though. Rewards you with little badges to make progress feel like progress. Ideally I think it's always best to learn to use an editor, but as an extreme novice, and someone who isn't the best at self-driving towards a goal, it truly helps.

Also it's Newell. Like, new L. Not Nule, like Mule.

Yeah XD it was like 1AM for me and i cant spell at the best of times.

Lol I'm the same age here and I'm actually looking to get back into coding. This looks like a really good place to start. Thanks for showing this :D

No Problem, Really hope it helps!

If you looked in the section, at the very top is a whole thread on it.

Yes but i am giving an alternative way for people to learn the code they want, not everyone learns by just reading on a page with no help, that is why i made the post.