How would this run Bf3?

AMD Phantom 975/Nvidia 650ti.

I plan on learning how to overclock and kickin' em up a knotch. The 650ti seems fine for running it on high and even some maxed. I'm wondering how the 975 would do more than anything though. I only wanna get it if I'll be able to run it well, just as a game to play by myself when I'm bored and for the campaign.

Also wondering if you guys have any good how-to videos on overclocking and where I can find appropriate OC's for the 650ti.

Here's what I'm planning on btw.

I already have the stuff that's not included.

The 970 might hold you back a little bit, in like the games with max players, I think you should probably be fine, and here's a video where it explains how to OC your GPU (In the video it's a gtx 480, but the same thing still applys)

It's a 975, but thanks man! Love the video.


You could get 60+ fps on ultra at 720p, around 60 if you play on high in 1080p.

That sounds awesome. What's the actual difference between the two.

720p and 1080p? The difference is the amount of pixels, so 1080p will look nicer due to more pixels, so it will have a more clearer, nice image

But that doesn't necessarily mean 720p looks like garbage

I just never understood like the comparison of Maxed 720P and High 1080p, like why still 1080 over 7.

The image will look better and clearer due to having more pixels

So the image in general is just clearer, that's what I thought just couldn't really describe it.

Yes, 720p is good and nice looking, but 1080p just looks nicer

just put it to the native resolution of your moniter or tv to get the best picture

Ultra does look nice, but here are some settings that are best for visibility

720p on a 720p screen will look nice and sharp, although there will be a lack of detail.

720p on a 1080p screen will look slighlty soft, won't have as much detail.

You can run 720 on a 1080 screen, and it will look exceptional, but once you try 1080p, you will see how much sharper it is. 

1080 has about 4X as many pixels as 720p, and therefore 4X as much stuff to look at. To visualize this: take a look at this: 

If you really want to see the difference, go watch a TekSyndicate video on YouTube, and set it to 720p. Then half way through set it to 1080p, and you will see the difference. Mind you that you will need a 1080p monitor to even see this difference though.

The point is take a look at the two, compare them and you deciede if 720p is good enough for you.