How would I setup a capture rig for group gameplay?

     A couple of friends and I want to start to create game play videos, we would like to do it in a group environment where one person is playing the game and the others are watching/commentating then the next person would play. I got the idea from watching Machinima's recent gta5 videos where they are in a group and taking turns playing.

        I will be handling most of the computer/recording/editing/stuff that will go into making the videos. I get the general idea of how to pull it all off, but since I have never done and serious video recording or editing projects I would like help from others.

       We will mostly be capturing video from a ps4 and made later down the line do more pc gaming. I understand that a capture card is need to do this. I would like something that would make it easy to capture the game play from the ps4, and have a video from a camera in the corner of the game play. These are some of the capture card I have looked at.

        - AverMedia extremeCap U3- I was interested in this because of its 1080p 60fps capture to lag free usb3.0.     However I have heard that because it captures a 60 fps and not the 59.something that cameras normally record at, it is difficult to get the game play and camera recording to line up.

        - Elgato HD60- this is what seem to be the most popular, and it is easy the add the camera stream to the game play because it is built into the elgato software.

Could anyone recommend a capture card for this situation?

Additionally I will probably use the blue snowball as a mic, and have it setup so that is can records everyone's voice.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated, thanks!




I personally use the Hauppage HDPVR2 which only captures 1080p30 but thats more than enough. I can either run it through XSplit natively (need to disable the Hauppage software for this, or use the Hauppage software and screen cap with OBS, both of which allow for the easy adding of an audio and another video source and allow for livestreaming as well. 

Ok thanks. I'll use OBS because it's free, it should work with most capture cards right? 

Check the OBS forums but it should do yes. They've just added direct support for the Hauppage card in the newest Beta but I'm happy enough running screen capture at the moment