How would I power a 12V DC Ipad screen form my computer's internal power supply?

Hello, I've been working on a project to build a LAN PC with an Ipad screen strapped to the front. But I have ran into a problem. How can I convert my PSU's atx power to 12v dc? This is the parts list for the computer.

If you have the iPad 3/4 screen, you can buy this controller board: LINK
With that controller board you can wire it through molex power.
Logan and Wendell threw this together a while back

Thanks, I didn't think of using molex to power it.

Yeah, for 12V you just need to wire a Positive lead to the yellow wire and then another wire to the black wire for the negative.
That is if you are looking at a female molex connector.

I had the same idea for a LAN PC project over the summer except with my monitor LCD and I knew I would have the same problem, Glad Wendel and Logan made that video.

Wish they would have shown us part 3....