How windows keys work?

so i have a netbook with windows xp on it if i wanted to install it on a different computer can i use the oem key again.I also have a oem windows 7 key can i use it multiple times?

oem keys are tied to the motherboard if you change the motherboard that oem key will nolonger work..but you can call microsoft and tell them you replaced the motherboard due to it being fulty or brakeing down and thay will reactivate that oem key for you.

oh ok.i cant really call so is there like a support thing or something you can link?

A windows XP OEM key will work for any OEM PC.

If its a dell key, it will work for any Dell. If its an HP key, any HP. and so on.

How to activate Windows 7 manually

1) Click Start, and in the Search box type: slui.exe 4

2) Next press the 'ENTER' key

3) Select your 'Country' from the list.

4) Choose the 'Phone Activation' option.

5) Stay on the phone and wait for a person to help you with activation.

How to Activate Windows 7 by Phone

Microsoft Activation Centers Worldwide Telephone Numbers:

(This site is for Volume License Activation but if you call they will help you)

Product Activation Solution Center

A netbook has a "starter" edition on it, thanks to the "Runs better on windows" scam Asus and Microsoft started back in 2008 or so. It will only run on netbooks with 1 GB of RAM, and will not play all multimedia content because it's artificially blocked.