How Will The 670 Perform In BF4?

I know a lot of you guys are good with predictions and such, so what FPS do you think I can get in BF4 at ultra with the MSAAx4 and HBAO Lighting at 1080p?

I know some of you may recommend the 7970, but my case is pretty small can't fit one : /


It will definitely play the game, I can tell you that.

You should be getting 40-45 fps on average.

There is absolutely no way of knowing until the game is released.  All we know is the minimum and recommended specs, so we at least know you'll be able to play the game with a 670.

i agree with deus. Until the game is released and we have actual tests we can not know for sure...

let the guessing begin.

That's what this post is for, the guessing, I guess isnce I get 75 FPS avg. on BF3, I will knock off 15 frames for BF4 and guess 60FPS anyone else?

i wish we had a form letter stating that tek syndicate can not, nor can any of its members speculate on products or software that have yet to be released

Yeah, just realized that after I had posted.  I'm gonna guess 50fps average.  I'm actually running a 670 as well.  I'll likely have to turn some settings down in order to achieve 60fps minimum.  And this is at 1920x1080 resolution.

Why, you don't want to have an idea of how you might run BF4?

He already said he wants predictions, not hard facts. Looking at BF3 performance at a given resolution it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a rounded number.