How well does intel hd 4000 perform?

Ive been looking at an amd build like this. This should allow me to upgrade later on past the fx-8350. But i would like to get my pc as fast as possible. But if i get this build with the i5-3570k i could play some games and then get a gpu later on. But how well does intels integrated graphics perform. Is that a reasonable option?

Well I was in a situation before, where I sold my gaming pc (earned $100 hehe) and I was stuck with a macbook (intel hd graphic 4000, 4gb ram, 5400rpm hdd)

and I was so bored, and I tried to bootcamp into windows. I downloaded BF3 and skyrim and I was surprised. Skrim @ 1200x800 on medium settings played at  35 fps and BF3 on lowest settings @ 1200x800 on low>medium settings was about 25fps. If you're fine at playing on 1280x720, on low to medium settings then go for it if you really want intel. Althought that AMD build would be good enough (for gaming). If you're looking for a good processor, and you need the proccessing power for other things, go for the intel..



It'll handle any Valve game maxed, Fallout on mid/high, Killing floor, and Sim3.

I play those on my laptop with an i3 using intel graphics.


How does the performance compare between the two?


Well if you mean HD graphic first a dedicated GPU, theres a big big big big big big big difference.. Lol


If you mean the I5 3570k and the dedicated gpu vs a phenom II x4 965, the I5 WILL be better, and in quite a bit of games. Some games (like skyrim which needs a good cpu) there will be a 15% difference between the 2.


May I suggest something though, get an FX 8320 processor ($40 cheaper) and it will perform the same. In the next years, because the new consoles will be using 8 cores, it will make it optimal for the FX 8320.

So go with the AMD build, replace the Graphic card and phenom II x4 with an FX 8320, and get a cheap cheap graphic card (hd 5450 [$30]) untill you can get a good graphic card.