How to work with an SSD

We'll i was thinking about buying a ssd card for my new pc. Only one problem I don't know how it excatly works. Like where to save things like games, photo's, etc... Can someone pls explain it to me.
if you wanna know I'm also buying a 2TB hard drive.

Just save everything to the drive you want it to be saved on. Generally you want your OS and most used programs and applications saved to your SSD while all of your data (word documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, etc.) are saved to your hard drive.

Ok, thank you. But i'm hearing if you place a game on the ssd you'll have a fater loading speed etc. but do I only place 1 game on the ssd or can i place a couple?


You can place however many you want on the SSD as long as you have enough space to do it.

The games  you'll notice the biggest difference in are going to be the ones that load things in real time rather than cutting to a loading screen. Games like Skyrim, Half-Life 2, and Mirrors Edge will benefit the most just because they load parts of the game while you're actually still in gameplay. You will notice that all games will have a faster loading time during loading screens as well, but the difference isn't as dramatic as one would think (either that or I'm just used to having two hard drives in RAID 0 to compare with my SSD).

Ok, Thank you very much :)

No problem. Hope it helps.