How to use wifi off 1 computer through ethernet?

I know its possible and I had it working once, but that was a while ago and networking stuff is frustrating beyond belief.

I have Windows 10 and I get internet to it via a USB Netgear wifi adapter. I want to connect another PC to mine via an ethernet cord and share my wifi connection to that pc.

How do I share my wifi connection?

Connect the two pcs. Go to your network connections. Right click on the connection and select "bridge connections"

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You need to make a uh roll over or crossover ethernet cable (i forget which one) to connect two pc's together.

If they're both gigabit you won't need a crossover cable (it's done automatically in the port) otherwise you probably will.

Yeah, I have done it for a PC of mine that doesn't have WiFi, all you need to do, is make sure you have the internet sharing enabled for the network devices, under a sharing tab in the properties of the devices, select both and Bridge the connection like the others said. The best part is no crossover cable. However, of course there may be more ping and whatnot since (as I understand it) makes your WiFi computer a kind of Gateway for the PC connected through the cable, with the Ethernet port as a switch kind of thing, I am sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.