How to use lightworks without codecs?

Dunno where to put this. Someone add a Video / V-Editor / Wind- Editors / Linux-Editors thing. That'd be cool.

So I need a more solid work surface than linux for video editing. KDL has too many bugs and frankly while an open source OS is great, a closed source video editor is going to work wonders. I need an editor that is free for now but I think I need to move to windows for my channel and streaming in the future. All of my other hardware has linux so its not like I'll be missing out on anything much.

I need to know how to use lightworks without buying things for it. Or, an editor that is not incompetent.. I tried shotcut and wanted to jump off a bridge. KDL has been my standard for about a year and I don't have 800 bucks to deal with adobe, nor do I want to to be honest. Sony vegas edit is what I'll be on eventually but at the moment I don't have the resources to do so.

If there are other editors worth looking into please let me know. I haven't posted a video to my YT in a while and I'm getting antsy. I can't wait for the KDL users and 2 devs that decide to get off their asses half a year at a time to fix the crashes and bugs.


blender has a video editor. ive seen people use windows movie editor.

for linux you could try openshot

So for linux the options in terms of codec packs are all pay to play but on windows or OSX the codecs are free.

in terms of editing software I have been playing around with the free version of Black Magic Designs DaVinci Resolve and its got a lot of promise its just going to need some decent hardware.

I have looked at DaVinci but to me it looks like that will be a thing better suited for 4K stuff. I have seen what it can do.

Back on LWKS though the codecs in windows are free? Since when? :P

I have also been looking at having my setup as I had it in OCT-DEC when I had my laptop running OSX (my asus gamer can run OSX-Niresh. Its handy) and using KDL there. Since things don't constantly change there there was less crashing but theres also a lot more options of editors. Also being able to use other OS's on the laptop help out a bit :P

I might set that up again. Might as well to be honest.

So in windows just like OSX if you download codec packs they work for playback in all applications unless the software maker has done something Extremely odd. while playback quality/stability can vary it should play videos if you have the codec for it, you can Download either QuickTime or Avid codec packs if you want pro level codecs I would suggest the Avid Codec pack as its free and will let you render not just play back it can be found here

in terms of editing 4k vs HD there is no difference and DaVinci is good for everything in terms of resolutions it so far is a split between Finalcut x and Premier cc/FCP 7.

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