How to use git?

Hello, I made a thread a while ago about the Swing library in Java, and someone suggested I upload my project to GitHub. This may sound stupid to most, but I made a repository, and I don't see where you get your actual code in the repository.

It is a Java music player I made that supports MP3s and FLACs. It only works from the command line right now though. I made it in NetBeans.

Also, if this is easier to use from the command line then I am all ears because I am on Arch Linux.

git =/= Github. Github just happens to have git integrated. :P

Pulling stuff is super easy via the command line, as you may or may not know:

git clone

However, handling repos is mainly done through Github itself, as I understand it. If you're on your repo page, you can add a new file by clicking the "+" above the repo content list.

reponame / + [<- click that]

Thank you! I feel dumb :p.

Look Good?

Cool! Though, are the FLAC and MP3 java files supposed to be included in MusicMain? If you had them together in a project, like Eclipse, you'll have to link them yourself or put the Eclipse project file up (not recommended, since it's not as easy for anybody to compile).

If you want to try to set up git so that you can push it pretty easily to Github, you can check out this tutorial:

Then again, if you're just uploading it for easy access, I guess it's not that necessary.

As someone who uses Git daily, I would recommend learning at least 30 or 40 CLI commands to speed up your workflow.

Here's the man page - Linky

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On that note there is also this little gem for learning git in an interactive way