How to upgrade this?

So, I got this PC ages ago. It doesn't run games to well. Any advice on how to upgrade it so I can run games like Battlefield 4, not on ultra, just so it'll run smooth.


Picture of specs:


Please help, 


A dedicated GPU will be your best bet.

An R9 270 is a good option. Very cheap and quite powerful.

Alright, I'll look into it! Thank you


do you have a graphics card? 

you can check by running DirectX Diagnostic tool, use Run, then type dxdiag then press enter, open the Display tab and check if you have a graphics card. 

if you don't have a GPU, i suggest you buy one, 

APU's have a special feature called Dual GPU technology which matches well with a specific card 

most of the time, AMD recommends the Radeon HD 6670, here's a link


You will probably need a new PSU. The Corsair CX series are decent and cheap. The CX430  (430W) is the minimum you want to get.. Look though as sometimes the CX500 or CX600 are on sale for the same price as the CX430. In that case grab one of those.


I would not recommend that GPU at all.It is old and just not very good.

Too expensive for what you get. The R9 270 is the best bang for the buck right now. It will be able to run that game on high no problem. I doubt the 6670 would even manage low decently. Yes it is ~$40 more but you get a lot more out of it.

yeah, that is better. sorry for the old info!