How to tell minecraft server to only run on proc 2?

So I’m running a minecraft server for me and my friends. Years ago I ran it on a laptop and it handled it just fine, so I figured a 2520m would do fine.

And it does! For 3 players! Any more than 3 though and the system chokes on that whole 4 or 6mb of processor cache and then dies.

Thanks intel, you’re literally retarded.

Anyway, I plan to move the server to my desktop when its back up and running. But, I only want the servur on a set number of cores, and I only want it to run on the second processor. Are there settings for that? Or do I just hope for the best? I’d like for the servur to cause minimal system issues over all.

If you’re running windows. Open Task Manager, Click the Details Tab, Right click on your minecraft process and click set affinity.

Though, just be warned, it’s probably not going to perform as well as you imagine it would. You’re probably better off letting a hypervisor like VirtualBox restrict the CPU.


Used to use taskset on Linux. but I’m on W10 atm and updated VirtualBox yesterday and nothing is working so can’t jump in to test how it works right now.

taskset -c 4,5,6,7 minecraft
(cores number…)

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I have a mac pro. It’s my main desktop, has 2 quad cores, 64GB ram, so its not going to be a pain to run. I just don’t want anything to collide.

Aaaaaayyyyy thank you.

bruh moment

Do you use osx? If so, I don’t know what the current situation is in osx. They used to have no equivalent taskset. Theoretically bsd has cpuset but if it works in osx I don’t know.
Alternatively, you can lower the application’s operational priority using renice -n 19 -p PID. The last time I used osx, dragons were still flying in the sky.

It will have osx at some point, but rn the target is manjaro. When I have the machine running again I’ll use the taskset tag.

Thank you for the info friend.

Had to work on other computers in the house so took my Manjaro install and put it into the computer in the other room for awhile, also needed the space on my main HDD to move large partitions around so only W10 was left on my main.