How to switch bios in Gigabyte motherboard?

Hey Guys,

I recently got a Gigabyte F2A75M-HD2(has dual bios), I've been messing up in the iGPU of the A8-6600k and finally got it stable at 1050mhz(844 stock). Now this is what happened, one time my machine shut down and after it restart, the bios was on default. I'm assuming the bios switched from the second one, and then overclock it again to 1050(this time I assume I did the overclocking in the second bios). Now, how can I switched to the first bios? I just want to reset the first bios to it's default so if I mess the second bios in the future I'll have the first bios as backup.



Hey guys,


I think I get it now. It seems like the second bios(backup) cant be touched. It will be triggered and be used only to make the original bios work again in default. Meaning I'm not really using the backup bios at all. BUT, if you have any more information please feel free to comment.

The second bios is only their to overwrite the first bios if the machine fails to post. 

I was overclocking my A8-6600K and using the GA-F2A75M-HD2 with the AMD overdrive software.  It runs stable at 4.6 MHz and a GPU clock of 950 MHz for about 2 hours of gaming. I need to get a better cooler as the stock  is not cutting it. I used the software because I gave up on the UEFI tweaks, I couldn't modify anything and I went through every setting to see if I could.

I'm doing it all in the UEFI, My iGPU is now in 1056 run furmark 30 mins no crashes, and played some games still no crashes. I'm curently burn testing my ram, pushed it from 1866 to 2133 same voltage but in 10-9-9 27 instead of 9-9-9 24. I'll overclock the cpu once I get a good cooler.

Ah thanks, that explains why i ended up with F7e BIOS on my EX58-UD4P. I lost all my overlock profiles too :(

Man, 4.6 MHz...

That's a mad overclock. Just remove the cooler and see if that works............