How to suppress the noise of a PSU?

So I recently bought a EVGA 1000w G2, while it works, the fan is loud, at idle its a loud woosh, I've considered RMA'ing it but since the unit is in perfect working order and its just the fan moving allot of air (seems to be a common complaint on forums) how should I go about quieting the bugger down (without voiding warrenty)

I'm using an H440 case so I already have sound dampening foam in place

One of these

Or just rip the fan out and zip tie a quieter one to it

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that would void my warrenty......

I don't think you could really do much that wouldn't void your warranty, probably best just to return it if it's a general problem with that model, what did you need a 1000W PSU for anyways?

5930k and two 390x;s

Corsair has some of the best 1000W PSUs, I think the RMx 1000W was at a decent price recently

In Canada, getting a 750w to your door is $200 maple buck :(

Might be worth selling your 390Xs for RX 480s, performance should be the same, but at half the power draw on each card whenever those come out

nah, I'm going to keep them and get what ever replaces the Fury X

Have you tried turning it off? That usually works for me.

I have the same psu in one of my systems, it's just naturally loud, not much you can do without voiding the warranty. Mine is in a padded silent base 800 under a desk & it's not too bad down there. it was pretty annoying when it was on top of the desk though.

The P2 1200 in my main rig is dead silent, the fan doesn't even turn on. It's a lot more expensive, but i'm very happy with it. (running 6700k & 2 980ti in sli, all overclocked, 8 fans, lighting & water pump)

They also make an 850 watt in the P2 series that isn't badly priced.

Just return it. Corsair, seasonic and others have very quiet high power psus to offer.

yea thats what I figured. I'm going to ask Evga support nicely if I could do a step up or something, but I know they will likely say no

@noenken I bought it through newegg, and they charge return shipping and restocking fees.. so its about $50 to return it.

I don't know in wich position you're using it but what I would do is push fresh air into it with a quiter case fan placed on it with some weak double sided tape or velcro. This way I think the PSU will get a lot more air in with a quiter fan not needing to ramp up the integrated loud fan. Also what I would do is check if all the components in your system are idling properly, just to make sure.

I tested the psu with the tester kit,

I'm going to try and sell it to buy a 1000w p2 or RM1000i

Have you tried turning on ECO mode? Yeah EVGA PSU are quite loud. I'd say its the second loudest thing in my pc before my GPU is under load.

JonnyDuru rated this unit as being pretty damn good. Might be a bad unit. You can try to RMA it.

I would definitely RMA, I have the 1200W P2 and mine is completely silent under load (compared to everything else in the case, I can only hear it when I put my ear next to where it exhausts).

I'm currently using a SeaSonic X-850. Even when it's not in silent mode, it's inaudible. You'd get annoyed by the whining of my DDC pump before anything else in my PC. lol

I used to have a 390x. The system power consumption that I observed, with just one card, was anywhere from 390w to 410w at full load. With two 390x in crossfire, I'd imagine it would be around 700w. You don't really NEED 1000w, but I guess the headroom is nice.

the p2 has eco mode and a better fan controller, I really wish I spent the extra $50 for the 1000w P2 atm.

@MrChumps sadly the 1000w version doesn't have eco mode.