How to stream an audio file through a voice-chat service for others to hear?

The title is a basic run down of what I'm looking for. I use voice-chat software like Mumble and Teamspeak for large party raids in games. I'd like to play pre-determined audio clips on demand (via hotkeys) through these chats for the group to hear. I've searched online a bit and found some indirect and work around things that have to do with Window's sound setups as well as using software to create virtual sound cards... all of which sound complicated and without the result I want. Specifically, how can I press a button and have a sound clip play for myself and my party in Teamspeak/Mumble/etc?

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While you need to make sure its approved for whatever lobby your in you could probably just apply the stream to the ALSA input but it will override your mic if your on linux. I do not think its allowed in the Mumble Lounge on TS but its certainly allowed in music corner I think

My group does use a DJ plug in, I've noticed, in Mumble. I don't care for it, but I had considered that if I am to do this, this might be the only way. I don't entirely know how those plug ins work, but either way, shouldn't there be some way to just tell my sound card to play something in my input line? It doesn't seem that unlikely.

The plugins actually hijack the input stream which overrides the mic normally and allows the streaming through the input... and basically allows other to hear it

Hmm... so what I want technically does work. Can I use said hijacking on demand with a hotkey?

No.. It overides to sound activity as the method of transmission

I guess that's where the multi-channel input/virtual sound cards came into play. I'll have to look more into it. It may be possible.

Yeah I am completely unsure. I dont like people who do this simply because I rather have the choice to listen to shit.. but hey if you find im wrong make a how to.. help others :D

What about using virtual audio cable? You can use that to isolate the audio from your mp3 player and splice it in to your mic input. Then you select the spliced channel as your input in mumble or whatever comms you are using. The people in mumble will only hear your mic and the mp3 without hearing your other audio that is in your speakers.

VAC would work as far as the channels go. But how would I bind individual audio files to play on demand, is the question. It is done, usually with programs made for specific games, like Team Fortress 2; but I need something that works with a voice chat service, not a specific game. It's a lot of work for a superficial result, but I was in a raid party earlier today and thought about it. Other than curiousity, it'd be convenient to, say, have a set of commands/warnings dialogue clips bound to the numpad. Hopefully that gives you an idea of what exactly I'm trying to figure out. If I can find a way to play select files on demand, then VAC would work.