How to soundtreat a room without drilling walls

This one is for @Logan:

I had to deal many times with rooms with zero audio treatment for location recording and voiceovers, and there are a few tricks to make any sort of room sound a little better and deader.

First of all, I didn't find your last tek episode overly reverbery, but if you ear it, then it's worth workin on it. I don't know the measurements of the rooms, so I can't be too specific about wavelength.

You have a big window behind you, that's a bit of a problem. Either you can treat the first and second 'bounce' or it's going into the mic. To do that you can use two mic stands or a coat hanger to basically put a thick winter blanket beyond the camera, in front of the wall facing you. if you could plant a couple of big squares of foam (even packing foam is ok, as long as it's not rigid) behind the blanket. This will kill all first reverberations (or most of them) and won't let them ring on the window. The more expensive option are foam sound panels that can be glued on the wall instead of bolted on.

The other big problem is over your head. That's trickier. At times, especially for voice overs, we did put a blanket on the head of the talent, as to create a sound booth over his or her head. They usually didn't like it, but the sound was great. You could use a rigid plank, put foam on one side of it, cover the foam with a blanket and staple the stuffed blanket on the plank. Then you could balance the plank on two points over your head, for example between two pieces of forniture. It would be out of the frame and it would definitely kill all reverberation over head and tighten the sound.

Lastly, the mic. Be sure to use a cardiod polar pattern and a good popshield, the rat fur works great for wind cancellation and sibilance, but a pop shield would still work great for plosives and general filtering.

Echos and reverberations in small rooms it's a common problem, I find the the Sound on Sound forum is a great place to find great suggestions for audio problems.

I hope this helps a little bit!

Have a great day and thanks for all the contents!