How to solve problem with Win 10

I cannot cancel updating of Windows 10, how to be?

Microsoft really doesn’t want you to block updates. It wants all of the users to be running the same level of the OS.

Microsoft fired most of their testing staff. They only really check the “default” build level. The further you stray from that the more problems you will run into. Because you are running outside of their desired build level. I’m not sure they test much at all as they now use their customers as testers.

The question should really be why do you want to block updates? Is there an underlying issue that needs resolving?

You see lots of people complaining about Windows issues. I have found that running it in it’s default configuration gives best results. Don’t change any settings, in part because it useless because they will only set them back again when you are not looking. So why bother, learn to love the devil you have rather than trying to change his ways. As I said earlier the further you deviate from what Microsoft wants the more issues you will have. Anything for a quiet life…

Windows for want Windows dose best, Linux for everything important.


Great advice, even if it can sound a little “extreme” at times.

I’ve found that Windows 10 is best when it’s left to update when it chooses. I recently vented here about how Windows 10 has gone to crap at one of our sites since we are blocking feature updates through WSUS, which is mostly solved by updating the OS.

Microsoft seems to be pretty clear on this now too, having removed any “Install” buttons from Windows Update in 1709, leaving only the “Installing” progress bars beneath the updates that are available. Thankfully it’s given up on that whole 15 minute restart bar thing, so you shouldn’t have any sudden interruptions (until you restart your PC that is).

I agree with what everyone else says and
@FizzyFantom I dont agree with what you said about the last bit about restarting I just reinstalled my OS and I left my room for a few mins and when I came back windows had restarted to install updates

Wow, what version was it on? I haven’t seen it do that for a good long while, maybe since 1607.

the latest I reinstalled yesterday

Huh, weird. I haven’t seen it do that in a very long time, thought it had gone away.

I still think you’re best just letting it get on with updates, as I stated before.

I think some people are full of it. Talk about bad advice :frowning:

Look up how to make windows not suck and tweak away :slight_smile: You always should heavily edit and adjust windows as to force it to treat you with a little more respect.

why? is there a specific reason such as:
you have very limited and/or metered bandwidth (pay by the minute or hour)?

to everyone out there there are legit reasons to control windows update. note i said control, not “ignore updates until my os is hacked”


IMHO, the less you tweak windows the better it will run.

Certainly not true… its the less you tweak the registry directly. You want a light touch approach.

There was a video LMG did on the performance of Windows with respect to gaming, default vs heavily tweaked to stop/remove the telemetry and sundries.

The performance difference was within margin of error.

Any ‘performance boost’ you see is likely a placebo effect.

To answer your question, yes this correct. You cannot cancel the updates. The only thing you can do is block the updates at the network level as to prevent them from getting onto your machine; however, if you do this it may compromise your system security and is not advised outside of a corporate environment.

You either accept this, or you go to linux, BSD, or OSX.

Literally has very little to do with gaming :slight_smile: I suggest the op use winaero and once a month do your due diligence in regards to the updates and any issues it may involve. You have the ability to allow the security updates but disallow things like driver updates. It is always gonna be constant work every month and set your settings back to the way you want them.