How to setup a network for VM?

Windows has spoiled me with VirtualBox, by setting up a bridge automatically. 

How do I setup a bridged network on Fedora 21 with a wired interface.

I was following a tutorial for Debian here:

However my system does not have a /etc/network/interfaces file. Does anyone now how to correctly setup a bridged network for Virtual Machine use?


Well, VirtualBox is a type 2 hypervisor so I'm not sure it can be streamed like that over the network. Could be wrong on that count.

Would it work with a KVM?

you want to bridge from your host machine, to your VM interface?

Don't give Windows credit for Virtualbox's goodness :) Virtualbox uses kernel modules for it's network, it will work with tap and bridges but they're not needed.

DKMS is the tool that should be building the modules for you, on Debian there is a virtualbox-dkms package that installs everything, would think something similar will exist in Fedora

You can create bridges (and others like vlans) with Network Manager from the notification's menus too if that's available.