How To Setup A Linux Nvenc Streaming Box The Quick And Easy Way Using Pop!OS

Install the Pop!OS nvidia version.

Install snapd:

sudo apt install snapd

Install obs-snap version.

sudo snap install obs-studio

finally install some extra components:

sudo snap connect obs-studio:removable-media

sudo snap connect obs-studio:camera

You will need to reboot before obs shows up in your program list.

After this, you can basically just set it up.
I use some weird sound hardware so I had some oddball things I had to do to get that set up in OBS.

This was the fastest and easiest setup I’ve done for an ‘out of the box’ distro. I can still get an install up faster in Arch, but this is because I’ve already done the hard work and built a custom set of scripts.

I have tested Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu studio, none have come close to the ease of this setup.

Full disclosure, I found this blog post which got me most of the way:

I have done a couple of test records and ran a test stream tonight successfully.

I will be working on adding in notification support soon as I have read about a few tools that do this through plugins. I just want to review the code before using it.