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How to setup a basic recording operation


Hello guys,
I own a consulting agency and we are looking to launch a service where me and my partner do an in-depth review of our client’s social media account while recording the screen at the same time.
So here’s the situation:

  1. Multiple people who are in the same room are reviewing the client’s profile similar to a conference call or a podcast
  2. All reviewers should be able to look at what’s being reviewed
  3. The review needs to be recorded and exported in a popular video format e.g. mp4

Regarding point 1 we tried using skype, facebook etc, via individual headsets but the audio quality isn’t good - there are echoes, double voice, sound artifacts, sound lag etc. I am wondering whether this is caused by the fact the we are recording the audio on the reviewer’s computer but also we are sitting close to each other so both headsets pick up the voices when we are talking. I am confused :frowning:

Regarding point 2 we tried using chromecast to cast the screen on the TV in the room but chromecast moves the audio to the TV as well so we can no longer record the audio on the recording PC.

Regarding point 3 we are currently using Camtasia to record the screen and the audio.

I am aware that this setup is a complete mess and I am willing to rework it from scratch I just don’t know what to do. The goal is to have multiple people record a review of a single client’s profile and then export it to mp4.



This may not be much help, but I know when I worked at a previous gig we had a meeting tool called Bluejeans that would allow people to join from their computer, mobile, and even tele-conference equipment.

You could share multiple screens and record all video and audio from the presentation, though I don’t know the format.

It may be worth checking out, though I’m not sure about pricing.



I’m not sound engineer but if my employer would present this problem to me, here’s what I might try:

  1. If you are sitting close to one another, either get good quality headsets with good microphones (something that is able to filter background noise), or then one single good mic that can record everyone.

  2. If you are reviewing in one location or from multiple offices? If you do this in one location, could you do it from the big screen in conference room? If from multiple locations, maybe consider Skype for Business or something like this. Skype fro Business is not probably the best solution, but my company currently uses it for conference calls and you can share your screen with others.

For sound recording, could you use TeamSpeak or Mumble to talk with one another, and then one computer is presenting the review and also recording the audio.

  1. For audio and screen recording, would OBS work? Skype for Business or some other conference calling software might be able to do everything you need (sharing call, sharing screen/desktop and recording the whole thing).

Using the TeamSpeak + OBS combo can be quite convoluted, so I would first try to find some good conference call software.



We are sitting close to one another and we do have acceptable headsets, some $350 Jabra headset with active noise cancelling etc. We are using Skype to combine the audio and then we use Camtasia to record the audio. We tried using Skype to do the recording but for some reason when my partner starts recording the call with Skype I no longer see the shared screen. So right now we only use Skype to share the screen and talk, but Camtasia to record the audio. The results are not good - we get echoes, double voice and other problems.