How to set up Intel Smart Response Technology?

Ok I have a Intel i5 3570k processor with a 120GB Samsung 840 Series SSD and 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD which I believe is compatible with SSD caching setup. I need to re-install my OS because I messed with file directories or something so I need to know which drive do I install Windows 8 on? The 1TB HDD or the 120GB SSD? And once the OS is installed is the SRT a program which you just install?

Thanks in advance, Matt.

First you will need to look at your motherboard guide as to which sata ports you have to plug both the drives into and make sure you have the latest BIOS update installed. Then set in the BIOS to sata config to RAID and SRT, then install windows on the wd black drive. Then you go into the intel srt software and select what kind of caching you want - maximised or enhanced.

Here is a vid as well.

Best of luck. Caching is well worth it.