How to set AMD Catalyst Control Center to run as admin on bootup?

Hey everybody, Corbin here.

I own an AMD Radeon 7750 right now, and I overclock it through the Catalyst Control Center on Windows 8.  When the program launches on startup, it launches in a non-admin mode (although my account is the only user on this computer, and I'm admin).  Because of this, it doesn't have proper permissions to directly interact and modify hardware, so AMD Overdrive just disappears from CCC until I kill both of the CCC programs through the Task Manager and re-deploy them in administrator mode manually.  It's a pain.

So, is there a way that I can set it to automatically run as admin on its own at startup?

You do not need the program to run at launch to get the benefits of the overdrive utility.

Edit: But to answer your question directly. Search bar: MSCONFIG -> startup -> windows 8 makes you go to task manager here so just do that -> Right click the program -> Compatibility -> Run this program as admin

That worked great.  Thanks for the help!

You're welcome.