How to Search The Forum

To whomever runs the forums (or anyone in the crowd who has some good ideas):

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get slammed for not putting this in the right spot, but I've never really figured out how best to deal with Forums.  I've always looked for a Search function so I could quickly pinpoint what I'm looking for, but most of the time, there never seems to be a search bar.  What's worse is that even when there is one, the search function seems to bring back piles of inaccurate information.  

My question here is: "What is the best way to search your Forums?"

I'd really love to be self sufficient and not post lame questions like this.  Your site and videos are incredibly useful and I want to utilize all the resources to their fullest abilities.  

A quick aside: Logan and Wendell.... thank you guys so much for the quality information you guys put together, and of course for the entertainment! 

SD Big Kid

I think the search functionality is one of the most common criticisms that I have seen of these forums. What I do is type " 'insert whatever you are searching for here'" into the google search bar to search the forum. It is not perfect, but it's how I search for things. There is also a custom google search at the top of the main forum page.

Awesome! I really appreciate that quick and useful feedback.