How to save nvidia refresh rate to 144 hz Linux Mint 17.3

I know how to change my refresh rate using the Nvidia X Server Settings program but every time my computer restarts, it reverts back to 60 hz. What can I do? I'm barely familiar with linux and the other threads I have found are too difficult for me.

When you change the setting in nvidia x, you have an option to save the config to a xorg.conf file which should keep the settings.

The issue is that you need to have root privileges to save the setting.

So what you do is you open a terminal and type su for super user. Enter your password and then type nvidia-settings.

That will launch the x server as super user and then you can change your settings. Once you are happy, press the "save to X configuration file".

Hopefully that will do the trick : )

Where do I save the file? When I click save, I have to choose where to save it (as if there isn't a configuration file on my hard disk). Thanks for your help..

Look up how to generate a Xorg.conf file.

The process can very slightly depending on your distro.

I always use the Nvidia binary drivers which will automatically create the file.