How to run Crysis using Lutris and DXVK?

I had Crysis installed a while ago and got it working with DXVK but somewhere along the line something got changed about how the game works on Linux. First I had a hard time getting the game to install and someone fixed the installer for me (thanks dude) but now I either can’t get the game to launch or it launches but DXVK isn’t working so the game is stuck in DX9 mode with broken graphics. Any ideas?

Also on a side note I’ve messed with wine and stuff like that alot and I don’t think I helped it any so I sudo apt remove/purge on everything related to wine, lutris and DXVK and reinstalled it all.

Also if anyone knows how to clean up any wine related files please let me know because I think I have like 50 wineprefix’s all over my hard drive and I’m not sure how to locate and remove them all so everything is clean.

Have you tried to run it with proton instead?

I’m using the GOG version not the Steam version. Or do you mean protonified wine?

oof ok my bad.

I got nothing.

=( im sad

Perhaps you might post in the small linux problem thread and see who bites there.

oh I thought that’s what this thread was for. I’m not too familiar with this forum.

Its perfectly fine for you to make your own thread for this problem. I just meant to draw more attention to your issues. I use linux for game servers, but never gaming, so I actually dont know how to help here.

Yea gaming on Linux kinda sucks even for native games. I obviously would prefer Windows for gaming but i figure if I can get some games running on Linux it will make me use Windows less and over time eventually not at all unless it’s in a VM or something. Especially when it comes to running Windows games on Linux it’s just a pain in the ass for no reason most of the time.

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