How to run Crysis on Linux in DX10?

So I setup Lutris and installed the GOG version of Crysis and it works but there’s a problem. The game only launches in DX9 mode and the highest graphical settings are unavailable as an option. I would really like to run it with the DX10 API but to my knowledge there isn’t a way to select that in Lutris. I changed wine to run in vista mode but the game doesn’t launch that way. I also tried to enable DXVK but that also doesn’t work. the game either launches but I have no graphical output or it crashes on launch. Also there’s graphical glitches. Shadows don’t render so the game just displays ambient lighting and water doesn’t render.

I was reading online that DXVK now supports DX10 but I don’t know how to get it working.

Any ideas? Also I’m a newbie to Linux.