How To Root A Droid DNA?

Hi all.

After being fed up with HTC for half a year and putting off rooting i've decided to root, problem is how.

I can't find anything on rooting the DNA so I am requesting your humble assistance.

I have kernel version 3.4.1 and android 4.4.2, and i'll tell you anything else if you need it.


Thanks. BYE!


how do you open the firewater file?


You're going to need to download a bunch of stuff. I'll link you to a useful video about how to run Moonshine. It should be relatively applicable to everything else as well. I've found that Moonshine worked quite well on every different HBoot version I've had on my device, so I suspect that it would work for you. The thing to remember is that it isn't going to install a custom ROM for you, and it may actually make your stock ROM unstable. In that case, you're going to want to become familiar with the adb push and adb sideload commands. You can find information concerning standard ADB commands on the xda forums.