How to RMA

Asus sent me a mobo that was DOA. I've called twice in an attempt to get a new motherboard. I was told how the RMA process works by one of the operators. They send me a new one, and then I send the broken one back with the RMA form attached. So far no new motherboard has been sent to my household (it's been a month.) So I'm wondering, am I doing something wrong here?

Did you order from newegg? If so just call them and they can extend your rma period and send you a free shipping label. If not then I am sorry. Asus isn't very good when it comes to returns.

Did you actually start the RMA process over the phone?  Or did you go and RMA through the website?  In the scenario you describe, where they send you a new one prior to you sending the old one, they usually put a hold on a credit card for the cost of the board, releasing it once you actually send them the defective part.  Did you give them payment information?

I started the process over the phone. They did not ask for any credit card information. That was to be filled out on the RMA form that was e mailed to me