How to remote desktop to Ubuntu VM

I'm running Windows Server 2012 V2 and I have Ubuntu installed as a VM. I want to use remote desktop from my windows 10 computer into Ubuntu. How do I do it?

use putty, its a ssh client.

It's putty command line only?

Yea there's not really many proper remote desktop utilities for linux out there.
Is you VM running on Virtualbox by chance? i think it has the ability to use RDP directly into the VM through virtualbox.
Else maybe something like VNC, or nomachine, not really sure how they hold up now a days.

Hyper-V is what I'm using. My command line ninja skills are weak. That's why I was hoping for a way to remote desktop into it.

your best bet is proberly VNC, or nomachine then.
Most likely you'll need some consolefu to get either working though, but luckily google usually has some grains of gold for setting up those types of services.
A last desperate attempt would to try and use X forwarding or what ever its called, fairly easy to setup on the server side, but it is a PITA to use with windows you'll need to setup putty to use the x forwarding, and install a 3rd party software called xming or something to that affect, and it doesn't actually give you a remote desktop but rather just you can project windows from your x11 desktop onto your windows desktop, and it looks butt ugly.
So id deffinetly try out if there is any other solutions first.

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+1 to NoMachine if you want something quick and easy

xRDP is normally what I use for RDP access to Linux machines.

Teamviewer would work, if your VM has WAN access.