How to relabel your music files after a recovery

Hello, I had a HDD fail on me and found a way to recover my files which was awesome but now, I'm having to find a way to relabel all my files. The bigger problem is all the music and video files?  Is there software out there that anyone would recommend?  I have found this  but wasn't to sure about it haven't heard to much about it?  please and thank you for any help 

Please feed back on this, my music library is a mess because of bad rips everywhere, I can finally have a beautiful library to manage if this is a thing that works.


  • I've sent a few questions to them to see if this runs independently and not reliant on WMP or iTunes and if they support FLAC, AAC, and LAME codecs to see if this is even remotely viable for me. (depending on how they answer I'll be able to know if this is a reliable service or not)

thanks for responding, I hope this is something we can both use. 


Foobar2000 can re-label your music files. You can set the filename structure (like <Artist> - <Song> or whatever) and it renames all the files in your music directory.