How to reformat 520 byte drives to 512 bytes (usually)

Supermicro AOC-S3008L-L8E 8-Port 12Gb/s SAS PCIe HBA Host Bus Adapter

3PAR Storserve 20000 12 Gb/sec SAS SFF Drive Enclosure

Sorry here is the card I am using for the external enclosure
Lenovo N2226 12Gb SAS External HBA

cables, maybe then. If those numbers are going up rapidly esp. in heavy load

if they arent going up rapidly then prolly ok


I pulled these drives from the Unraid server and stuck them in my gaming system (which has the supermicro 12g SAS controller) and the drives now test at full speeds 900-1100mbps (R/W)

But upon putting them back in the Unraid server, they are still only hitting 80-90mbps. I am going to try each of the slots in the array and see if the issue is present. The weird part is that I have 2 other drives in the same system, that work perfectly. I am wondering if there is a controller issue.

Diagnostic strongly suggests cabling or backplane or controller issue

Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but ESXi can use the drives as-is. I did not however have any luck putting the EMC Samsung(SS162512 CLAR200) disks into vSAN drive groups. They did after formatting to 512, though.
I should mention that the connector on one Samsung CLAR200 pulled out with the SAS connector and the pads didn’t look so hot. I guess that drive came out of an abused appliance, but that’s why I do a trial buy of these kinds of things.

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I have problem with reformat this hard disk from 528 to 512 please help me note this is hard disk ibm and working flash ssd 0kb

I would try with a Linux bootable USB distro, such as System Rescue, and running the sg_format command there, instead of trying to do it on Windows.

You sometimes also need to first format with the existing sector size (528) and after that switch to formatting with the sector size you want (512).

There could be other problems, such as two common disk encryption methods, or similar.

Doing a quick search on the model, I also see there’s a bug and you need to update to firmware E1A8 or newer, asap.

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Just wanted to post on this so anyone in the future finding this would have an easier time. I spent hours wondering why the drives were appearing in the “SAS Topology” of my LSI HBA Card (LSI-9211-8i) that is flashed into IT mode. They didn’t show up in the drive boot up menu.

I then found this post and tried to do the steps in this but ran into an issue as the mpt3sas driver has seemingly been removed from the Kernel or something between 2018 and now. I found a Reddit post

So, the solution to have your Netapp/IBM formatted SSD’s. In my case 200GB Samsung MZ-6ER4000/0G3 connected to your HBA but running under Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS since this version is old enough to still support the older cards.

You can find the dev of these drives by running lsscsi and get the dev/ from that. Mine were dev/sda - sdd.

Run the first command Wendell gave that is formatting 520 byte sectors:

sg_format -v --format --size=520 /dev/sg2

BUT, for the second command if you drives are like mine, Mine were “IBM” formatted but they’re the same 10 byte mode sense but uses the 4 for checksums exactly like the Netapp drives do.

So, use this command instead:

sudo sg_format -v --format --size=512 --six /dev/sdx

If you’re formatting multiple drives, open multiple terminal windows and do them all at the same time.

It took me like 6 hours of troubleshooting to find all of this out as I’d no idea what I was looking for. Hopefully this helps someone else as well.

@wendell Question for you, you mention flashing firmware in the video.

I have an IBM drive that I can not change its block size of 528, I found the firmware for the OEM version of the drive (XS7680SE70094). Is it pretty safe to try and flash this drive with the OEM version of the firmware?

Udually pretty safe for samsung and toshiba. Dont know about others. If in doubt dump tbe chip via chip clip

Its Seagate so guess we will find out.