How to recover deleted pictures on XP

Ok so my gran had an XP laptop and I've just got her a W8 one.

But some how all her pictures are gone from the my pictures folder on the xp laptop. Is there any thing or software I can use to try recover these.

P.S there not in the recycle bin. 

All help is much appreciated 


here are some things that worked for me 

1. go to the desk top right click and click undo delete

2. google for file recovery programs you should have a look thru them and find one you like

hope this helps you 


There are a lot of file recovery programs but I recommend a disk explorer program just to see if the files are still physically on the drive and haven't been written over yet. Usually the disk explorer programs have a file restore built in as well. I use iobit advanced system care because it has everything I need built in but if you don't want all that crap just google a separate disk recovery/explorer program. Usually the freeware is just fine, I wouldn't recommend paying for them unless its commercial use and you need support. 

Go to your C drive. There might be a "Windows.old" folder in there which will have all the files from before the upgrade.

Thanks guys I'll give it a try tomorrow And let you know. :)

One i have used in the past, but by no means the best, is Recuva:

TOP TIP: Do not install the application to the drive from which you are trying to recover files. Installing on said drive may overwrite the space where the files were - losing them forever.

You have been warned.