How to reassemble without stripping screws?

I have an evga 1080ti ftw3 hybrid that I took the backplate off of to inspect/clean, and about half the backplate screws won’t go back in all the way. I’m afraid to strip the screws so I’ve only screwed them in halfway. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get them in properly? Or am I stuck with it?

Are all the screws the same size and length, or does it matter which one goes where?

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Yes they’re all the same size and length. I’ve tried swapping them around. It seems to be the holes that are the problem. A little speck of plastic came out with the screw in at least one case.

Haven’t taken apart an EVGA card for cleaning for awhile, what could be possible is you needed to carefully put the screws into alternating holes to get it aligned properly.
As far as that speck of plastic, are you sure it wasn’t Loctite blue type of thread locker? Thread lockers are used to prevent screws from vibrating loose.

I’ll try to do alternating holes and report back. I don’t think it was threadlocker because it looked like black plastic.

If its black plastic, it could be part of whatever EVGA uses as the shim between the backplate/fan. Even on new GPUs, sometimes you find some mystery plastic from the factory stuck to protective film.

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