How to practice working together as a Tek Syndicate Guild for Star Citizen in taking over large ships

Anyone ever hear of RPG-X? Well I have and it seems they have servers set up for a decent crowd like us (they have a pair of currently unused 0/32 user capacity servers just sitting there). To do well in Star Citizen I think we all need to practice working together (and let's be honest...practice makes perfect..especially in space!). So why not practice in a generic Star Trek Free to play multiplayer universe known as The Last Outpost.

Don't really think of it as practice or anything like that. Just think of it as a low quality layover in a Star Trek environment until Star Citizen gets out of alpha. Heck, we gotta start somewhere right? So why not with free Star Trek on a pair of empty 32 cap servers lol.

Here's a video below. Think of the video below this way - If it were Star Citizen the ships would be nearly the same size and just as place to start for teamwork. Go to near the end of the video for a couple of seconds of first person fighting.

The official Tek Syndicate guild below was started by @DeusQain..I think:
Tek Syndicate Star Citizen Guild Link

The threads below were made by myself:
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cc:@Logan @wendell @DeusQain (Am I missing anyone?)